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Cleveland SharePoint User Group


Announcements: Registration for the February 24th Meeting Available!


Registration for the February 24th Meeting Available!


Be sure to register for the February 24th meeting.

Presentation – SharePoint as An Application Platform
SharePoint is a technology, a product and an application platform. Since it is based on .NET, it is an extensible platform that can be used for building and hosting .NET applications. More and more companies are leveraging SharePoint as a platform for building custom Web applications. We will discuss how, why and when to build custom SharePoint solutions and some of the experiences of others. The discussion will be relevant for both infrastructure specialists and developers, as well as business leaders.


Steve Caravajal – Microsoft Corporation
Steve Caravajal is a principal architect with the Microsoft Corporation. While at Microsoft, Steve’s focus includes all things SharePoint, Office and .NET Development. He has been architecting, deploying and customizing SharePoint solutions for over 9 years. Steve has 20+ years experience in technology and product development, consulting and training. He holds a B.S. degree in chemistry and mathematics and a doctoral degree in chemistry and computer science. Steve has written two books: “SharePoint 2007 and Office Development Expert Solutions”, and “Inside SharePoint 2007 Administration”. He is currently writing a new book on SharePoint 2010 that should be released this spring. He has also written and managed the development of numerous enterprise software applications in C++, Java and .NET.




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