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Group Discussion
Started: 5/20/2009 1:27 PM
Site Columns Magically Disappeared


A document library has been created by a user to store approximately 1k files ranging in size and format. The library uses lookup columns to populate the metadata options, and the library now contains over 50 custom views.



Recently the library stopped displaying all custom columns in the Edit Properties view (only name and title show). However, when the Datasheet view is opened all the custom columns can be updated. The ringer is when you view the Settings for that library it lists the columns but if you try to add more columns from the unique Column group through the Add from Existing Columns nothing is visible, but you see the columns through other libraries.


Tried Solutions

We have created a template from the bad library and it is displaying the same errors. I also created a working template exactly as the broken site is setup and it works and no settings are different. This appears to possibly be at the column level, but not visible to every day users.


Any one experience this? Any suggestions / recommendations are welcome.